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Most people spend many hours at work, but don’t see how their work connects with their faith. One of our desires is to help people realize that there isn’t a divide between Sunday and weekdays and that working with our God-given skills can be an act of worship.

Followers of Jesus, are called into business not simply to work, but to influence the community around them, and to see others coming to faith and being discipled in the context of their everyday lives, wherever we find ourselves located and whatever work we do.

The same applies to cross cultural mission.  While there is definitely a need to help people in emergencies, we need to change how we view help. Many aid organizations continue to create a dependency, but we really need move to enable people to support themselves.  In the last 50 years over 2 trillion dollars has been spent on aid, yet those nations are still stuck in poverty . We need to transform our good intention into something which actually works.  What works is supporting these people to create employment and learn how to be disciples of God in transforming their community.

That is why we developed the Marketplace Discipleship Training School (MDTS) for people in the marketplace (a broader expression of business.)   The first phase of the course is to get grounded in what God says about Himself,and what he says about us, and to learn to see our work through this grid. The second phase  is a field assignment, experiencing cross-cultural business as mission.  Please go to the MDTS link above to see all the details of the school.

Marketplace Discipleship Training School (MDTS)

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